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Is this program right for you?

Have you already done traditional puppy classes & traditional advanced obedience & found that the instruction has left you unable to get the behaviors you need in the situations that matter?

Have you already done traditional puppy classes & traditional advanced obedience & found that your dog has developed behavior issues?

Have you found that you needed a higher level of training so you chose an expensive/highly touted board & train or dog boot camp program only to find out the hard way that it is the most expensive & least effective service in the dog training industry?

Are you thriving with your dog but feel like other training programs are limiting given your dog’s potential?

If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions then this program will exceed your expectations!

Dog Training is NOT a commodity and all dog training is NOT created equal. You are about to leave the world of dog training and enter the world of dog relating. It is time to become a parent, not an owner. Its time to follow the lessons of the dog mom, not the dog trainer.

The emphasis of this advanced dog handling program is to create a frictionless approach to communication between you and your dog. The outcome of this class is a dog who can naturally respond appropriately to the dynamic world around them. You will learn how to get the behaviors you need in the situations that matter.

Who is this class for?

This program is designed to allow dogs and their handlers to thrive in: therapy dog service, emotional support, advanced public access, sport/task training.

Age Range:

For Dogs 6 months – 12 years


6 hours, 4 1.5 hour classes weekly. New Classes Begin each month. Time/Day varies month to month. We always have Saturday, Sunday & Weeknight classes.


YDBF Training Center Minneapolis

Course Overview:

Class 1:

-How does a dog communicate?

-How do I become a meaningful communicator in my dog’s eyes?

-The anatomy of behavior issues: 1. their proactive prevention 2. unwinding current problems.

-How to fill the nurture gap to more closely align with what their real parents provide vs. typical dog owners who are using “humancentric” dog training philosophy.

-Teaching politeness for permission.

-Loose leash walking.

Class 2:

-Empowering our dogs to use patience, respect & communication for permission in a dynamic world. Get the behaviors you need in the situations that matter. *This is where, “my dog is well trained, but…” gets the BUT removed for your dog 😉

-Honoring the “follow stage” so to avoid or unwind the behavior issues caused by traditional puppy class/obedience training. (Yes! That’s right. The lunging, snapping, general agitation & restraint you see on so many of your neighbor’s dogs is CAUSED or enabled by anti-nature training methods in traditional Puppy Classes)

Class 3: Dog society day!

-Recognizing that dogs 1. think like the best people you know, 2. are socially brilliant and learning to embody these two realities in how you relate with dogs.

-Understanding & learning about dog behaviors so that when there are problems involving our dogs we can participate and educate rather than narrate, rationalize & judge.

-Understanding my dog’s social stage in their puppy development, what it is for & how to support this stage retroactively in adult dogs who have missed social/emotional development benchmarks.

-Starting to learn about canine social diversity, what it is for & what makes my puppy special.

-Learning from the adult role model dogs who graduated from our programs & their people. Why they succeed in therapy, ESA, sport/task & advanced public access etc. How they continually learn & grow with their dog.

Class 4: Demonstration Day

-This class is fun. You spent the first 3 weeks optimizing your dog’s ability to learn & introducing yourself to them as a meaningful communicator. Now its fun to see how many dynamic actions you can take with your dog without any training or preparation at all! Seeing your dog responsively relate appropriately to a dynamic world like the most well adjusted people you know is an incredible feeling. As instructors, it never gets old for us and we would love to have you be the next one to experience it.

Are you ready to take your relationship with your dog to the next level?!

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