Board & Train in Minneapolis/St. Paul

When your dog lives with trainers, your dog becomes a trainer’s dog!

Over 90% of our clients feel we exceeded expectations six months after their dog returns home. The industry average is below 30%.


Over the years we have found that immersion into the life of a healthy dog creates phenomenally enhanced outcomes when compared to a dog who goes to a facility that does not reflect the real world and a trainer whose approach does not meet the rational expectations of what one would expect a good dog owner to do.


This is by far the most profitable and expensive service a dog training company can offer. They often range from $3,500-$15,000!

So, would you like to buy a board and train program from us?

It does not matter because we will NOT sell you one.


At Your Dog’s Best Friend, we do not sell products or services, we sell outcomes. Board and Train programs often leave dog training clients furious as they are ill equipped to identify if it is the best course of training yet dog training companies not only allow you to order them, they push them on you. Sometimes it is a good choice, sometimes it is not. We will help you make a good decision.

We WILL do board and train for you:

Doggie boot camps break down because, like us, our dog is a social mammal. That means that how it relates to me, to you, to my house, to your house is all dependent upon what makes sense given what they know. You cannot take a dog into the shop to have the rear axle fixed! So if your trainer does a great job representing MOM or DAD and providing protection and clear direction the dog will do great. In fact, it might even do great back home for a few days or weeks. But ultimately, the dog will do what makes sense given who they are with and where they are. So…


When dogs arrive for board and train, there is a session on pick up and drop off to help you understand how to help your dog make durable and meaningful improvements.


Varies based on the ongoing training support program. The base rate is $1350. This comes with 2 private sessions, one at the beginning and one at the end of the program. We generally charge about 1/3 as much as our next closest competitor.


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