The Dogcentric Education Workshop Series!

You have not seen anything like this before!
Are you tired of listening to professional dog trainers who blindly follow what other humans have told other humans about what other humans know about dogs?

Rather than studying a human’s beliefs about dogs and dog training and then trying to force it on our dogs, then blaming dogs and owners when “human stories” are defeated by “natures realities”…

What if we start studying the DOG and teaching OURSELVES?!

These workshops are interactive, hands-on and fun!

Ready for a little NURTURE BY NATURE?

Check out the calendar of Dogcentric Events!

Tickets sales are conveniently through the site. You can attend with or without your dogs.

You will find some of our most popular events like: Mastering The Leash Walk, Curing Dog Separation Anxiety, Aggressive Dog Transformation, Fearful Dog Transformation, Babies & Dogs are usually run at least once a month.

We will see you there!