Emotional Support Dog Selection & Training in Minneapolis.

From preferred breeder & dog rescue selection, top rated puppy training and dog raising classes to advanced training like Canine Good Citizen & Private Service Dog Training, there is no better place than here to begin and complete your emotional support dog journey.

Our Emotional Support Dog Program is Best Understood When Broken Into 3 Parts:

  1. Emotional Support Puppy or Dog Selection
    1. Dogs are a combination of their nurture and nature, just like us! That’s why nature gave them parents that stick around. 🙂 We can nurture natural gifts but we cannot create them. Let us help you find a dog who was born to provide emotional support. The moms and dads of the dog world thrive on setting a tone for trust, respect, loyalty and love. Having a dog who naturally brings healthy social etiquette, enthusiasm and confidence to every situation as an emotional support dog allows them to self actualize and thrive as a member of a human family.
  2. Emotional Support Puppy or Dog Training
    1. With the right dog by your side. You will thrive in our Level 1 Dog Raising Class, Level 2 AKC Star Puppy Class, Level 3 Canine Good Citizen Class & our private service dog training program.

Emotional Support Dog Selection & Training Package Cost:

(Includes: dog selection, private training, Dog Raising Class, AKC STAR Puppy Class, AKC Canine Good Citizen Class)

Our Location:

YDBF Training Center Minneapolis

3. Emotional Support Dog Organization Consulting & Education

  1. For groups that provide emotional support dogs for veterans with PTSD, victims of domestic abuse or children with disabilities we understand that your biggest challenge is that these dogs often develop behavior issues. This tends to exacerbate the problems that the emotional support dog was brought in to alleviate. By hiring us for dog selection, we can help you identify dogs based on their natural societal role. For emotional support, you want the dogs who are born to be the moms and dads. You need dogs who are emotional tone setters rather than tone takers, dogs who are patient, confident and supportive. These traits can be identified in the early weeks of puppyhood. Through our dog relating approach to puppy training, your recipient can learn more about who their dog is and how to nurture their natural gifts.
  2. Some of our most inspiring success stories begin with our team being called upon to help an emotional support dog that is so stressed out and overwhelmed that their behavior puts them at extreme risk. This is when a dog who is most comfortable making us aware of problems is in the position of having to solve them. When this situation presents itself, we are often able to teach the dog’s family how to use their dogs sensitivity as a tool to remind themselves to be emotionally supportive of their canine family member. This selfless approach to working with a dog can be so empowering to a person who is born to be a hero but has been traumatized out of their natural role. For those who feel powerless, it can remind them that they have the power to not only help themselves, but help others. This is not how we do matchmaking, but together we can take this mistake and make it a miracle!

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