Private Dog Training

One on one coaching for you and your dog is a great way to cater training to specific goals you have for your dog.

Understand the process that reliably produces long term successful outcomes.

It is Dogcentric:

Rather than studying compliance strategies that lead trainers to drill dogs on a few superficial postures that break down in real life, we have taken the scientific approach of studying the dogs and then teaching ourselves. What we have learned is inspiring, revelatory and informs everything that we do.

Symptom specific focus:

We have trainers specialized in: leash training, reactive dog rehabilitation, fearful dog rehabilitation, general anxiety, separation anxiety, dog reactivity, leash reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, invisible fence training, dog introductions, advanced training preparation, new dog selection.

Solutions Based Plan:

Our training is oriented around understanding what your dog is going through and how to respond in a meaningful way. You will appreciate the intuitive nature of the approach, the direct focus on the help you need and your dog’s immediate positive response to the trainer.

Age Range:

Any age!


in-Home or YDBF Training Center Minneapolis
(We travel all over the world for private training, but local pricing is based on a 50 mile radius from Minneapolis/St. Paul.)




Varies based on trainer experience & location. Our model for private training is PAY AS YOU GO. There is no session minimum and the initial consultation is free.

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