in-Home Puppy Training

Raising the perfect puppy is as simple as asking their parents what to do!

With our dog relating approach, you will learn how to responsively relate and communicate in a meaningful way with your puppy. This means that you will be able to teach your puppy right from wrong in real time as you go through activities together. Its a raising/parenting strategy, not a training/owner strategy.

The main reason most puppies fail puppy class is that traditional dog training fails to take into account that 1. dogs are socially brilliant & 2. dogs think and operate like the best people you know. Dogs raised by dogs are better behaved than people raised by people. Why use a training philosophy when you can use the study of dog parents, dog society and your own parenting intuition?!

It is super fun and we will show you how!

Age Range:

Puppies Under 1 Year


in-Home or YDBF Training Center Minneapolis
(We travel all over the world for private puppy training, but local pricing is based on a 50 mile radius from Minneapolis/St. Paul.)



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Note: If you would rather do group classes, check out our Minneapolis dog raising class.