Welcome to Puppy Raising Class

Learn to responsively relate and communicate in a meaningful way with your dog so that they can go wherever you may go!

The emphasis of this puppy class is to create a frictionless transition for our puppies into life as a domestic dog. The outcome of this class is a dog who can naturally respond appropriately to the dynamic world around them. (A.K.A. your dog will be the neighborhood “good dog”)

Puppy socialization in this puppy class will be focused around honoring and learning natural dog social etiquette so that our puppy can grow up not only enjoying other dogs, but able to serve as a teacher and ambassador to other dogs.

With a puppy raised on inclusion, continual social learning and positive social feedback, you will thrive in our advanced training for level 2, AKC STAR PUPPY and level 3, CANINE GOOD CITIZEN.

This program is ideal for families who are committed to having a dog who can participate in their lives at the highest levels.

Age Range:

For Puppies 8 weeks to 11 months


6 hours, 4 1.5 hour classes weekly. New Classes Begin each month. Time/Day varies month to month.


YDBF Training Center Minneapolis

Course Overview:

Class 1 – Dogs that know how to do nothing get to do everything.

Class 2 – Empowering our puppies to use patience, respect & communication for permission.

Class 3 – Dog society. What makes my dog special & how I can help them fulfil their potential.

Class 4 – Implementation of advanced obedience & graduation!

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Note: If you would rather do private puppy training in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area visit this page.