Sick of the Nipping, Biting, Chewing or Pulling?


You Just Want To Raise The Perfect Puppy, Right?

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You've Tried All The "Right Things" From Professionals & Researched Online But Nothing Works...

You Might Even Be Worried You'll Eventually Have To Give Up Your Puppy 🙁

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You Wish There Was Something That Just Made Sense And Worked...

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Don't Worry! I'll Make It Make Sense, Then It Will Work!

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dogs raised by dogs
What is the nature of a dog?

Did You Know?

Dogs raised by dogs are safer, happier and require restraint for compliance less than people raised by people.

dog training philosophy
What is professional dog training?

Did You Know?

Conventional puppy class methods and philosophies incorporate ZERO study of how dogs raise their kids.

positive only
Is my experience typical? Predictable?

Did You Know?

"Positive Only" and "Force Free" are marketing language for a training philosophy that nurtures a rapport between you and your dog that cause you to use force and negativity when relating with your puppy.

dog trainers dog
Who is training our dogs?

Did You Know?

Professional dog trainers have worse behaved dogs than the average dog owner.

industry stats
Why the @#!% is this the status-quo?

Did You Know?

The primary funding for education for dog trainers who are highly credentialed comes from Big Pharma and other large industry players who have a vested interest in perpetual struggles for pet parents.

Yikes! Where Can Good Dog Owners Turn?

Good question! The clear conclusion here is dogs need parents, not owners. They need caregivers that can responsively relate and communicate in a meaningful way in real time as they navigate life so they can build wisdom experientially. Not some goon from another species drilling them incessantly on 5-6 superficial postures while they stuff their face full of treats or a controlling bossy roommate.


So now we naturally turn to your puppy's real parents for answers.

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Dogcentric is the secret of the truly successful Pros!

Its not only an incredible blueprint for raising a puppy that shatters the glass ceiling of conventional animal science's consensus of the capacity of a dog but its revelatory, empowering, inspiring & fun!

Okay, you're onboard. But all you see out there is basic puppy training programs. Nobody is offering a meaningful "dogcentric" puppy parenting program.


Dear fellow puppy parent,

My name is Max The Dog Relater. I've spent the last 15 years studying how dogs raise their children and view society and come to find that dogs raised by dogs are stronger socially and emotionally than people raised by people. It turns out natural parenting, gentle parenting, respectful parenting and the next fad are not progressive but rather a return to nature's way. With this understanding the target becomes puppy parenting, not puppy training, to raise the perfect pup. This paradigm shift has opened doors to inspirational revelations about our beloved four legged friends. This disruptive catalyst has transformed our local dog training company into Minneapolis' first and only puppy parenting center. We have guided 1,000's of people in making the shift from dog owner to dog parent so to raise incredible dogs and solve behavior issues deemed "unsolvable" by traditional dog trainers. We have taken the status quo doggy daycare model and turned it into a campus instead of a kennel, built on inclusion rather than incarceration. Check out the Dog Wellness Club in Minneapolis to learn more about that. We have developed ground breaking ESA puppy raising and service dog training programs for veterans. Now, whether you are starting puppy training journey or want to erase some dog behavior problems like nipping/biting to get back on track, I would love to share this approach with you!


The process is the same every time.

  • Our Target

    Understand what your dog is going through.

  • Our Goal

    Respond in a meaningful way.

  • Our Compass

    The recognition that: 1) your puppy is socially brilliant & 2) your puppy thinks like the best person you know.

  • Our Tool

    Natural communication.

  • Our Foundation

    Understanding age/stage dog parenting, dog communication & dog society.

  • Your Result

    A dog who can go everywhere & do everything!

The destination is worth the journey.

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